Crack Sealer Pumps

The BearCat Pumps™ 110 is specifically designed for rubberized crack sealant applications. The pump features an internal heated relief valve; key feature for a safer/faster startup, smooth operation, and extended service life.

image of Crafco 110 Pump with Heated Relief End Plate

A strong pump for high production!

  • Models to fit Bearcat, Crafco, Sealmaster, or Cimline machines.
  • 20gpm (standard) or High Capacity 30gpm models available.

110 Pump Manual

CR-110 Crack Sealer

image of 110 Crack Sealer Pump with heat jacketing and relief valve

20 GPM

BC-170 Crack Sealer

image of a 170 Crack Sealer pump, no heat jacketing, no relief valve

30 GPM